How Long After Botox Can You Lay Down?

Nervous about getting your first Botox treatment?  Want to make sure you don’t make a mistake after? That’s understandable, after all, you’re spending a lot of money and want to look and feel your best afterward.

The good news is I’ve done the research for you and have all the information on when you can lay down after Botox injections.

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to get the best possible results from your Botox procedure.

When It’s Ok To Lay Down After Botox

As a general rule, wait at least 4 hours after getting Botox before you lay down. This is because Botox takes a few hours to settle in your facial muscles.  Lying down sooner than 4 hours could put pressure on the treated area and cause the Botox to migrate.

This applies to other botulinum toxin injectables as well, such as Dysport, Xeomin, and Myobloc. All of them work by preventing the targeted muscles from contracting in specific ways and forming lines and wrinkles.

woman receiving Botox

Besides laying down, you should also avoid anything that puts pressure on the treated areas where the Botox was injected. This includes facial massage, headbands, or hats that are right around the injected area. Also, be careful not to vigorously wash your face.

I know it’s hard but try not to touch your face!

Botox has little to no recovery time needed. You should feel fine and be able to go about your normal daily routine right away.

Possible side effects are slight redness irritation at the injection site for about an hour or so. Botox is truly a treatment that you can get done over a lunch break and go right back to work.

Some skincare professionals also say it’s a good idea to sleep on your back the first night after Botox. If you can, that’s great, but many providers say that as long as it’s at least 6 hours after your injections, it shouldn’t matter.

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    What Happens If I Lay Down After Botox?

    If you lay down immediately after Botox it’s not going to hurt you or make you ill.   The guideline is to make sure you get optimal results. If the Botox migrates it may not be as effective where you need it. 

    So while it’s best to follow the rule, it’s not the end of the world if you didn’t know or forgot. Or just got too tired and really needed that afternoon nap!

    uneven Botox results
    In the photo above, uneven Botox has resulted in a drooping eyelid on the patient’s left eye.

    More Botox Aftercare Tips

    Here are some Botox aftercare instructions you may find helpful.

    Avoid Alcohol Before and After Botox

    Alcohol can increase the risk of bruising. So avoid drinking the day before and after your injections.

    Avoid Facial Treatments For a Week after Botox

    This guideline is about letting the injections settle in your muscle. Both Botox and other skin treatments can be expensive. To make sure you get the best results let your Botox settle for a week before scheduling those facials or chemical peels.

    Avoid hot tubs, saunas, and spas after Botox

    Excessive heat can raise your blood pressure, which increases your risk of bruising. To be on the safe side wait a few days for these hot activities, then the risk of bruising will be much lower. Showers are fine but avoid very hot showers or a hot bath.

    Avoid Exercise after Botox

    This is for the same reason as above with hot temperatures. Physical activity is going to get that blood flowing! And while it’s great for health, you don’t want to raise your body temperature and blood flow just yet since you’ll risk bruising. Give it a day or two and then you can get right back to your workouts.

    Don’t Expect Results Right Away

    This may be disappointing if it’s your first time getting Botox, but you should know that results take several days to appear. It’s not unusual to take 4 or 5 days to see any changes, and up to 2 weeks to get the full results.

    ✅Bonus Tip: Here’s something you CAN do before or right after Botox. Try arnica to prevent bruising. Arnica is a plant that’s been used for hundreds of years to reduce pain and bruising. You can usually find it in a gel or lotion and can very gently dab it on the treatment area. I’ve used it before and after injections of dermal fillers and have never bruised.

    Botox Injection

    Final Thoughts on When You Can Lay Down After Botox

    Botox can be a big investment, usually around $200 to $300, and everyone wants to make sure they get the absolute best results.

    It’s one of the only things that’s proven to be an effective treatment on frown lines, those 11’s between your eyes and other facial wrinkles.

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